Bisek, the most industrialized major settlement in Angard, is located on the north-eastern coast of Midloch. It is the largest and most populous city in the world. Bisek is home to Path University and to many of the world’s centers for technological advancement, such as Zord Motor Company.

Bisek is clearly divided into three large districts:

At its northern edge lies Shantytown (also known as The Ghetto or The Overpit), where blue collar workers trudge to the factories from their tenements each day—and countless displaced serfs live as squatters and beggars after the recent northern economic downturn. An enormous landfill towers over the makeshift shacks and tents, a rotting manmade mountain where waste from the city’s industry is routinely dumped; rows and rows of factories spew clouds of black smoke into the sky. Shantytown is infamous for its crime rate, rampant diseases and filth; its residents are commonly refered to as Shanties. Famous playwright Roger Gale is quoted as saying, “Shantytown? I shan’t go there.

The center of the city, known simply as Midtown, is the center for technological development. Here, white collar workers live in towering apartment buildings over the countless shops and inns that line the streets; philosophers, minstrels and inventors mingle over a good ale. The population is an eclectic mix of all races and all types. Both art and industry thrive here, and the streets are always bustling.

Southedge is the neighborhood of nobles. Here, the smog clears, the muddy freeways become neat lanes bordered by grass and shrubs. Here live the affluent upper-class Bisekians. Path University is located in Southedge, alongside the homes of famous writers and buisiness people, politicians and professors.


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