Seek knowledge above wealth, above power. These things do not endure. Do not pass judgment upon one another, but better yourselves that you may better others. To know is to awaken; to cease discovery is to fail. Ever lies there another epiphany on the horizon.
—Will of The Magus, chpt. 1; 183

Vilt is the Angardian god of magic, knowledge, teaching and learning. He is a chief god of mages, doctors and alchemists and is commonly depicted in universities and libraries along with the words, “To learn is to awaken.” All temples in honor of Vilt contain a library and several resident scribes who see to its continual expansion.

Vilt may present as a bespectacled young human in purple robes, quill in hand. In this form, he is often accompanied by his twin sister, Eildareen. Vilt may also present as a chimera with the white head of a lion, the ebony head of a goat and the golden head of a dragon. The Chimeral Order pledges loyalty to Vilt and uses this form as a crest.

The symbol of Vilt is a golden quill and a scroll crossed in an X.


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