The spindly stone giants of Bainridge are elusive and mysterious, only known to most through legends. They walk on all fours, using their long, powerful arms to propel them forward. Their great flat feet have long, individually movable toes for gripping crags in cliff-faces. Their hands are long and spider-like, serving the same purpose.

Though they reach upwards of eight feet when hunched (and 12 when standing erect) golems are graceful and agile, particularly on rough terrain.

Golems do not need to breathe air or drink water and eat only ash, silt and dirt. Their skins are smooth and hard, like polished granite. They may be mottled, streaked or smooth gray in color. Their eyes are cow-like and may be brown or gray. Golems are asexual (and have no genitalia or gender.) They do not produce waste. With no outlet for urine or excrement necessary, the golem pelvic area is simply a plain, flat surface where the legs meet.

Golem lifespan stretches more than a millennium, and there are only a certain small number in existence at any one time. When a golem dies, it disintegrates into the ashes of Bainridge, returning its energy and knowledge into the golem lifestream. Simultaneously, elsewhere in Bainridge, a new golem arises, bearing a random assortment of wisdom and experiences handed down from all golems before it. It is said that if a golem does not return to Bainridge to die, its experiences and the wisdom it carries are forever lost, though there is no way to prove this.

Golems are not a playable race.


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