Alundyr (Ah-LUHN-deer) is the nephilim name for the wildland of the nomadic roans. It is a vast forested landscape marked by very few permanent structures. It lies due north of Tierloch and west of Al’ell. Alundyr’s forests are rife with both wildlife and fey of all kinds and are vastly unexplored due to their density of growth. Most travelers avoid the area, but the selkish people are quite at home there, their tribal way of life undisturbed by the more “civilized” races.

Rains are frequent in Alundyr, encouraging the growth of its verdant forests. The air is always humid and heavy. The shore is rocky, and the trees begin to thicken barely half a mile from the coast.

Selkish camps are usually right at the high tide line, comprised of simple lean-tos and huts made mostly of sharkhide and driftwood.

The demographic of Alundyr is approximately 99% roans and 1% other races. Very few outsiders choose to live among these unique people. Even fewer are accepted into their exclusive society.


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